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Max Martin and Cecilia Bartoli to receive Polar Music Prize

By | Published on Thursday 11 February 2016

Max Martin

The recipients of this year’s Polar Music Prize have been announced as songwriter Max Martin and mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli.

Max Martin said this: “If you can somehow influence popular culture, shape it in some way, when something becomes bigger than just a song, that’s the greatest thing for me… this is what I love about music. You can reach so many people. This is a great honour. See you in Stockholm in June!”

Cecilia Bartoli said this: “What a fantastic surprise, I’m so happy to be awarded the unique Polar Music Prize 2016. I feel deeply honoured because this amazing prize is all about a passion for good music without boundaries”.

They’ll get their trophies off of Sweden’s King Carl XVI on 16 Jun at the Stockholm Concert Hall.