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McFly say fifth album their least favourite

By | Published on Monday 3 December 2012


I think there’s a new magazine feature or TV programme format in this. Featuring any artist with a greatest hits album to flog, it’s called ‘Which Was Your Shittest Album?’ First up, McFly: fifth and most recent studio album ‘Above The Noise’, no question.

Well, the band’s Tom Fletcher, promoting best of collection ‘Memory Lane’, says ‘Above The Noise’, the group’s most conventionally pop album, is his “least favourite”, though he adds that he enjoyed experimenting with a new sound and working with American pop producer Dallas Austin.

He told Digital Spy: “We thought we’d try something really drastic and try a completely different producer from a different genre of music. Universal heard a couple of demos and said they were interested in re-signing us [the band having self-released their fourth album]. They set us up with Dallas Austin and we recorded the whole album with him. It was a great experience and it was fun to shake things up a bit”.

But the band weren’t completely pleased with the results, it seems. And drummer Harry Judd also questions the choice of first single off that record, which he reckons wasn’t a great track. Said Judd: “If it was up to us we would have released ‘If U Seek Kate’ as the first single. None of us wanted to release ‘Party Girl’. It didn’t even cross our minds that it would have been a single. It was like a bad version of a Lady Gaga song. Looking back, it really wasn’t us”.

Though Fletcher did add that, while ‘Above The Noise’ was his least favourite McFly record to date, he still has “fond memories” of working on it, and that actually he listened to it just the other day and it was better than he remembered.