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Meek Mill pulled Drake diss track after wrestler complaints

By | Published on Monday 17 August 2015

Meek Mill

So the Meek Mill/Drake beef, remember that? That was a thing, wasn’t it? Still is I think. I’ve been busy. Perhaps they’re best buds now. Though I’m pretty sure, even if the public dissing has stopped, there’s still at least a cottage pie’s worth of beef remaining.

Anyway, it’s been claimed that Meek Mill had to remove a track he posting dissing Drake as part of the two rappers’ ongoing feud because of a cease and desist from wrestling outfit WWE.

Meek certainly removed ‘Wanna Know’ from his SoundCloud page, for reasons unstated. But it seems the removal was because the wrestling company weren’t impressed with Mill using the entry music of wrestler The Undertaker without permission. Even to diss Drake. Which, some might argue, is as good a reason as any to nick a wrestler’s entry music.

The beef between one-time collaborators Mill and Drake began, of course, when the former accused the latter of using ghostwriters to write some of his raps. The fallout has certainly got Mill lots of attention of late, though he claimed this weekend that his management team had, for a time, locked him out of Twitter; which perhaps means they, at least, think it’s the wrong sort of attention. Or perhaps they just thought he might nick a tweet off a wrestler and instigate another cease and desist.