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Mega memorial planned

By | Published on Monday 29 June 2009

Most of the Jacksons, including parents Katherine and Joe, various of Michael’s famous siblings, and his three children, were reportedly at the family’s home in the LA district of Encino this weekend. It’s thought they are planning a private funeral and public memorial.

The latter would most likely take place in LA, and could, some estimate, surpass even Elvis and Princess Diana in terms of the number of mourners who want to be part of such an event. Some media are estimating a million people might flock to the city, which sounds like an awful lot. Either way, one senior LAPD chief was quoted in the local press as saying: “We are preparing for an event of historic proportions. We will be cooperating closely with the family once they have decided where to hold the funeral”.

After those services, it’s speculated that Jackson’s body may be buried at Neverland, the controversial former home of the singer, which has fall in the rack and ruin, by all accounts, since Jacko shunned the property after his 2005 acquittal on the Arvizo child abuse charges.

As previously reported, Neverland was at the heart of some of Jackson’s financial crises in recent years, one of which led to most of the property’s staff being laid off and the animals who also lived there being rehoused. Nevertheless, insiders say Jackson wanted to be buried at the ranch, and the investment company who now own the mortgage on it are reportedly supportive of those proposals, albeit as part of a grand plan to transform the property into a Graceland style tourist attraction, something which many reckon could help pay off the debts of the Jackson estate.