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Mel B would like Katy Perry to stand in for Victoria Beckham on Spice Girls tour

By | Published on Monday 17 September 2018

Spice Girls

It’s now over six months since the Spice Girls met up to “explore some incredible new opportunities“. Since then, we’ve learned that a tour was happening. Then anything was possible. Then it was all undecided. Then there was definitely no tour. Then it was just vague. Then it was somehow even more vague. But now, it is absolutely certain that there will be a tour. “100%”, Mel B told James Corden on that US TV show he somehow has last week.

Quick off the mark, fellow guest Olivia Munn chipped in – before Corden could get another question out – asking: “With Victoria?” Because that’s the key question, isn’t it? It having been Victoria Beckham who said that there would definitely be no tour or new music.

“Well, us four for sure”, said Mel B, slightly unhelpfully. Asked if Beckham might make it five, she added, “Well, we’ll see about that one”. But “us four are going to be going on tour”, she confirmed again. “[Victoria] may join us for a few. She better do”.

Then Munn, who in the midst of all this had somehow become guest and host, suggested that they replace Beckham with a different celebrity each show, like on ‘Have I Got News For You’. Munn didn’t say it would be like ‘Have I Got News For You’. I added that. It’s an American talk show after all, so no one would have known what she meant if she had. But anyway, once the celebrity guest idea had been mentioned, Mel B ran with it.

“Katy Perry would be good, wouldn’t she?”, she said, suddenly adopting a face like she seriously thought this might happen.

Moving on from made up tour plans, Mel B then revealed that she’s used all her Spice Girls costumes from the 1990s to build a shrine to herself in the corner of her bedroom. “It’s not weird at all”, she insisted. “When my friends come over, we kind of play dress up”.

OK then. So, anyway, this tour is definitely happening. Katy Perry is on standby. Get ready.