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Melvins still holding it in

By | Published on Monday 4 August 2014


So Melvins are still going strong, still not appearing to give a single damn; and to that same end have released details of a new LP they shall be releasing on 13 Oct, titled ‘Hold It In’.

The band’s first sign of LP-based life since 2010’s ‘The Bride Screamed Murder’, it sees guitarist Paul Leary and bass player JD Pinkus, both of Butthole Surfers, join a re-redesigned Team Melvins.

On the new record and the new recruits, main Melvin, Buzz Osborne, says this: “‘Hold It In’ is a refreshing piece of fiction in a boring world of fact and bullshit. Paul is one of the best guitar players I have ever heard and Pinkus has an outside-the-box type of approach to both guitar and bass that you just have to let it ride. I can’t believe this actually happened. I’m thrilled”.

Well if he’s thrilled then so am I. In spite of his admiration for his bandmates, the only tour on Buzz’s horizon ATM is a lone one, in honour of his solo LP ‘This Machine Kills Artists’. And there’s only the three nearby (ie based in Britain) dates on it, at Brighton’s The Haunt on 30 Aug, London’s Oslo on 20 Sep, and The Exchange in Bristol on 21 Sep.

Info’s here, weirdos.