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Merch from Justin Bieber’s abandoned tour to land in H&M

By | Published on Friday 25 August 2017

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has announced that merch from his most recent tour will be available in at least some H&M stores as of next month. Or at least we assume that’s what he was announcing when he said on Twitter “#stadiummerch at @hm September 7th”

Bieber presumably has a few spare boxes of the t-shirts, hoodies and sweatpants he was flogging on his recent live trek, given he cut the tour short due to “unforeseen circumstances” and a new found desire to be “sustainable”.

Those who desperately want Bieber-branding emblazoned on their clothing, but who can’t face the thought of shopping with H&M, can also buy the tour merch via a bespoke website at