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Merlin announces YouTube deal

By | Published on Thursday 20 October 2011


YouTube has finally done a deal with Merlin, the digital rights body that represents many of the bigger independent labels.

The new arrangement means videos by or featuring the music of artists signed to Merlin affiliated labels can now be legitimately posted on the video sharing website, and that those labels and artists will receive royalties for their content.

Merlin, of course, collectively negotiates on behalf of the big indies in a bid to secure them deals more akin to those offered to the majors, who can exploit their substantial market share when negotiating such arrangements.

Confirming the new deal, Merlin boss Charles Caldas told CMU: “We are very pleased to reach an agreement which will allow YouTube’s users to enjoy access to the many amazing artists that our labels represent”.

YouTube’s Head Of Global Partnerships, Chris Maxcy, added: “We’re continually looking for new ways to connect independent artists with their fans and we’re thrilled to have struck a deal with Merlin that will help us do just that, while compensating them for their efforts at the same time”.