Merlin cuts fees

By | Published on Thursday 1 August 2013


Merlin, the organisation that negotiates deals with digital music firms on behalf of a stack of independent labels around the world, has announced it is cutting its fees.

The agency has announced that its admin fee on Spotify income will decrease from 4% to 3%, while its cut on other digital revenues secured via Merlin-negotiated agreements will fall from 6% to 3%. Rates are slightly higher for Merlin-affiliated labels which are not members of their local indie label trade bodies, though those will also fall, to 3.9% across the board.

Music Week quotes Merlin chief Charles Caldas thus: “It is certainly very satisfying to be able to announce this reduction so soon after the reduction we made in January, and we trust that this further underlines to all members our commitment to continuing to deliver the maximum possible value via our activities”.