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Merlin does deal with Audiotube

By | Published on Friday 19 November 2010

Merlin, the digital rights agency that represents a stack of the bigger independent labels, has signed a licensing deal with Audiotube, a music video-based website and digital content provider that is focused on the indie sector. Well, it says it is, its home page has a feature on an Island Records project and bigs up Crystal Castles, signed to Universal imprint Fiction. But whatever.

Confirming their deal with Merlin, Audiotube’s Paul-Rene Albertini told CMU: “Besides being an impressive global professional organisation which is emerging as a leading force in the new music industry landscape, Merlin is also a group of amazing individuals who have brought more talent to the world than the rest of the music industry put together. Reflecting the spirit and passion for new talent of Audiotube’s founders, I cannot imagine being in better company”.

Merlin’s Charles Caldas added: “We are genuinely excited at the launch of Audiotube as a key new player in the audiovisual space. The vision and passion of the independent music sector, together with the excellent quality of service that Audiotube and its partners in Dolby and Nokia provide, is a powerful combination. When you top it off with the amazing artists represented by our members, you end up with what is surely going to be a major destination for lovers of the quality music produced by the most innovative and vital sector in the music industry”.