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Metallica still proud of album with Lou Reed, whatever you might say

By | Published on Wednesday 9 December 2015


As much as you’ve tried to make him, James Hetfield just won’t feel bad about ‘Lulu’, the critically panned album Metallica made with Lou Reed in 2011. He both enjoyed making it and remains proud of the final result. So, bad luck you.

Hetfield told So What, according to Metal Hammer: “‘Lulu’ wasn’t accepted as much as we accepted it. I’m really proud that we did it. It was fun, it was an adventure … I think it comes down to personalities. You either want things to be safe, and you invest in them so much that if it’s not safe, it rocks your whole world, or you look at life as an adventure”.

You might still scoff that he has to admit the final album was shit though. Nope, he’s checked: “We’re perfectionists. We’re really extremely self-critical. It’s gotten us to where we are, but it’s also the curse. When something doesn’t go right, I come down so hard on myself”.

So that’s that. Let’s all go and re-evaluate ‘Lulu’ now. I am the table!