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Micachu And The Shapes return (sort of)

By | Published on Tuesday 8 September 2020

Good Sad Happy Bad

Micachu And The Shapes are back! Kind of. Five years on from their third album, ‘Good Sad Happy Bad’, they have returned under the new name – coincidentally – Good Sad Happy Bad.

They actually announced the name change in 2016, but whatever, we were distracted by band leader Mica Levi’s burgeoning career as an in-demand Hollywood soundtrack composer back then. They’re actively doing stuff again now, though, so this is the time to talk about it.

In some ways, it’s a different band, with some shifting around of roles. Keyboard player Raisa Khan now takes on lead vocals, leaving Levi to concentrate on guitar, while Marc Pell remains on drums. They are also joined by multi-instrumentalist CJ Calderwood to bring them up to a quartet.

“Like the band name the songs are either good, sad, happy or bad”, say the band. “And”, they go on, “sometimes either slow, fast, heavy or light, and sometimes cold, hot, warm or freezing, and sometimes tasty, nasty, bland or spicy”.

Hopefully “bad” and “bland” don’t feature too frequently. You’ll get to find out when they release their new/debut album ‘Shades’ on 16 Oct. The title track is out now: