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Michael Eavis: Glastonbury’s on the way out

By | Published on Tuesday 12 July 2011


Michael Eavis is in a chipper mood. Having recently decided not to retire and hand over the Glastonbury reigns to his daughter Emily, instead opting to run it for “another ten years”, he’s now saying the festival probably won’t be around in another decade to be run by anyone.

Sounding very gloomy about the state of the festivals market, he told The Times: “Partly it’s economics, but there is a feeling that people have seen it all before. Womad and Latitude are not selling out … We sell out only because we get huge headliners”.

Eavis also claimed that in 2008, the year the festival didn’t sell out, “we nearly went bankrupt”, losing £22 million on the event.

So, pessimistic talk all round from Eavis Snr. Though with Glastonbury taking a year off in 2012, maybe he’ll have changed his mind by the time the next edition of the festival comes round. He usually does.