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Michael Jackson and Prince call for release of collaborations from beyond the grave

By | Published on Tuesday 13 March 2018

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and Prince are both keen for music they recorded together while still alive to be released. How do we know? Because self-described medium Tyler Henry claims to have spoken to Jackson from beyond the grave. The singer apparently said that releasing the music would “honour his legacy”. The revelation also handily promotes an upcoming episode of Henry’s TV show.

Just in case you’re thinking that this is all nonsense, and that Prince wouldn’t agree to such a thing, Henry says that Jackson dragged his fellow musician into the conversation to confirm it, during a séance held with the late star’s sister LaToya Jackson. It’s not clear if Prince said anything, or just floated around looking like he agreed.

“The key thing Jackson spoke about was how he wanted to be honoured with his music”, says Henry, according to the Daily Star. “He wants his new music released. There is a specific artist he brought through with him. He was interested in releasing something they did together”.

“It made sense to LaToya”, he adds. Which is lucky.