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Michael Rice selected to represent UK at Eurovision

By | Published on Monday 11 February 2019

Michael Rice

The UK has selected its Eurovision entry for 2019. Michael Rice – who previously won BBC talent show ‘All Together Now’ last year – will sing ‘Bigger Than Us’. And, hey, you know what? It’s not that bad. If we weren’t the UK, I think people might vote for it.

The process for selecting this year’s entry was slightly different to previous years. Three songs were presented, with two acts performing their own interpretation of each one. Rice quickly emerged as the favourite for a number of reasons:

1) He performed last.
2) The production of his performance had more effort put into it than any of the others.
3) The previous song was so bad there was nothing either of the acts who had a crack at it could do to redeem it.
4) One of the contestants performing the first song arranged it as a sad ballad, for some reason.
5) He’s a bit like Sam Smith.
6) His performance deftly masked the fact that ‘Bigger Than Us’ has almost no lyrics in it beyond the title.
7) The other artist who performed ‘Bigger Than Us’ had far too many tassels on her outfit.
8) He used some of the money he won on ‘All Together Now’ to set up an ice cream and waffle shop.
9) He did some crouching down like he really meant it.
10) It really seemed like this was the one the BBC expected to go through, and the others were just there to make up the numbers.

Anyway, the producer of ‘Eurovision: You Decide’, Mel Balac, said this: “This has been such an exciting year for ‘Eurovision: You Decide’, with new format changes that we hope have really made the competition and programme more geared to find the perfect song. We’ve had some incredible performances tonight by everyone and everyone’s own individual take on the songs – well done to everyone! We are delighted for Michael and are proud to take ‘Bigger Than Us’ to the Eurovision Song Contest final in May”.

Here’s his performance, which will hopefully involve less hand movements by the time he gets to Tel Aviv: