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Michaels denies affair with Mrs Cyrus

By | Published on Wednesday 3 November 2010

Pop star divorces don’t always make it into CMU, you know. Sometimes divorce stories involving two pop stars don’t even get covered. But once there are three pop stars in the picture, well, then it’s compulsory to report on it. Even if the third pop star denies any involvement.

So, Billy Ray Cyrus (pop star one), father of Miley Cyrus (pop star two), recently announced he was divorcing his wife and Miley’s mum Tish, citing the customary “irreconcilable differences” in his divorce papers.

But Us Weekly magazine reckons that an affair was involved in this story, and has gone so far as to suggest the fling that caused the Cyrus marriage to collapse was between Tish and Poison frontman Bret Michaels. Ker-ching – there’s pop star number three. Sorted.

Though, we should note, Michaels denies any romantic liaisons with Mrs Cyrus. The gossip mag reckons the couple had a brief affair after Michaels worked with Miley Cyrus on a duet earlier this year. But the Poison man’s people have told reporters “there has never been an affair or a fling”, while a source close to Tish has also denied the story.

Still, untrue the gossip may be, but it got us to the crucial three pop stars and a divorce quorum.