Microsoft announce Kin launch

By | Published on Thursday 15 April 2010

In other gadget news, Microsoft this week announced that they would launch a new smartphone called the Kin (yes, despite that sounding rather like another popular digital content device) in the US next month, with a Europe launch planned for Autumn.

The touch screen handset is seen by many as the mobile phone version of Microsoft’s Zune (a phone version of which has been rumoured to be in development on various occasions), and is definitely the IT giant’s attempt to move into iPhone territory. The device has music, video, radio and podcast functionality and is described by the IT firm as an “integrated entertainment experience”, though some reviewers have said it seems to be more skewed towards social networking functionality than content consumption.

In the US, the Zune Pass subscription music service will be available via the phone, though given the Zune brand has never been launched over here, it remains to be seen if that service is also available via the European version of the phone.