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Mike Germano departs Vice Media, following harassment accusations

By | Published on Wednesday 31 January 2018


Vice Media and its Chief Digital Officer Mike Germano have parted ways, following sexual misconduct allegations made against him. He says that his departure was planned and that he has not been fired.

Germano – who joined Vice in 2013 after it acquired his Carrot Creative agency – went on leave earlier this month following reports of misconduct. In a memo yesterday, reports The Wrap, the media firm’s COO Sarah Broderick told staff that he would not be returning.

“As you are aware, Mike Germano has been on leave and I want to let you know that he will not be returning to the company”, she wrote.

In a statement to The Wrap, Germano denied that he had been fired, despite sources saying otherwise. “I was not fired”, he said. “Nor is there any info that states that. I left the company I started after it merged with our parent company, something that was planned for six months”.

Accusations of misconduct against Germano first arose in an article published by the New York Times in December. Both he and Vice’s President Andrew Creighton were subsequently placed on leave.