Mike Patton to release film score

By | Published on Monday 19 September 2011

Mike Patton

Polymath production sort and one-time Faith No More frontman Mike Patton is to release a new album entitled ‘Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book The Solitude of Prime Number (La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi)’, comprising his original score to last year’s cinematic rendering of Paolo Giordano’s bestselling Italian novel. Described by Patton as a “sonic departure” from his extensive back catalogue, the LP is due out via Ipecac Recordings on 1 Nov.

Marvel over this here tracklist, which is sequenced according to ascending prime numbers:

02 Twin Primes
03 Identity Matrix
05 Method of Infinite Descent
07 Contrapositive
11 Cicatrix
13 Abscissa
17 Isolated Primes
19 Radius of Convergence
23 Separatrix
29 The Snow Angel
31 Apnoea
37 Supersingular Primes
41 Quadratix
43 Calculus of Finite Differences
47 Zeroth
53 Weight of Consequences