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Mike Skinner on the death of The Streets

By | Published on Friday 7 January 2011

Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner has been talking about his planned retirement of The Streets after the release of one more album, ‘Computers And Blues’, on 7 Feb.

Rambling to The Guardian last week, Skinner said: “I’ve been doing it for ten years and I’ve always tried to do something different with each album. Some [of my work has] been amazingly received and some of it hasn’t been, and I’ve run out of new avenues. As uninteresting as The Streets is to talk about, the most interesting element of anything is its death, so if you’re going to talk about The Streets, ending The Streets is probably a good thing to talk about. But it’s not interesting really. I haven’t really got anything more to do”.

Meanwhile, speaking to Zane Lowe on Radio 1 yesterday, Skinner added that his advancing age (he’s all of 32) was also a consideration, saying that he doesn’t want to be “singing ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’ when I’m 40”. He joked that he should have had the forethought to wear a mask when he first launched the project, saying: “If I’d have put on a helmet like Daft Punk… sometimes I think I should have – those guys can go on forever. They’re going to be 60, and under that helmet they could be 23”.

Skinner also revealed that after touring to promote ‘Computers And Blues’ he will produce his first film.