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Miley Cyrus is Love approved

By | Published on Thursday 12 September 2013

Miley Cyrus

Everyone else in the world may have had their say about Miley Cyrus’s VMAs routine, but really we’ve all just been waiting to know what Courtney Love thought of the ex-Disney star’s controversial twerking. Well, this just in, Ms Love approves.

According to the New York Post, Love said at a New York Fashion Week event: “I liked Miley, frankly. I’m gonna be honest, Katy Perry bores the shit out of me. She’s a nice girl, [but] she just really bores me. You know, that hillbilly Miley Cyrus is sort of punk in a weird sex way”. While specifically on the VMAs performance, Love said the show “was at least kind of punk rock. It was openly sexual… like dark and hillbilly and fucked up”.

But Love is less impressed by Cyrus’s VMAs co-star, rape publicist Robin Thicke, aged 36. Referencing his acting dad Alan she exclaimed: “Can someone inform me who Alan Thicke’s son is? Like what? Wasn’t [he on the sitcom] ‘Charles In Charge’? That’s like Jared Leto trying to convince me he’s a rockstar”.