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Milk Music reaches Australia sans-Merlin

By | Published on Wednesday 18 February 2015


I wish Samsung’s Milk Music would hurry up and launch in the UK.

Because I assume their PR team would then start sending a pint of milk to the office of every music business news service each morning. And I’ve just used the last of the milk here at CMU HQ in a cup of coffee for Andy Malt. So we could do with that PR campaign starting now. It would also be good if HTC could launch Filter Coffee Music, and Microsoft Cake Tunes, and then if Tidal adopted the slogan “the steak dinner of streaming music”.

Anyway, Milk Music, Samsung’s 409th attempt at a music platform (approximately), has arrived in Australia. Originally launched in the US last year powered by existing streaming service Slacker, Milk Music looks set to replace Samsung’s previous attempt in this domain – Music Hub – in multiple territories, Australia being the third.

Though it hasn’t yet signed up all the labels to the Australian service, with indie-label repping Merlin telling Billboard that it is not yet on board. Said Merlin chief Charles Caldas: “Samsung did not bother to license the world’s major independents via Merlin before they launched in Australia. Given the success our labels have enjoyed in the Australian market, I’m sure Australian consumers will notice that, and be disappointed at their absence”.

Too right. Sort out those indie label deals Samsung. But you can send me my milk first.