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Mixcloud to put the spotlight on radio at the Convergence Sessions

By | Published on Tuesday 8 March 2016


Mixcloud will put the spotlight on radio as part of the daytime sessions programme at the incoming Convergence festival in London. Mixcloud Curates returns to Convergence once again this year, with online radio stations Soho Radio, Radar Radio and Mi-Soul Radio all set to participate in the proceedings.

Speaking to ThisWeek London, the firm’s Head Of Community Xanthe Fuller says that she chose to put the spotlight on radio this year because “an online radio movement is happening all around the world, and on Mixcloud we’re seeing an increasing amount of stations being launched in various countries, allowing the most diverse curation locally and globally. People still clearly recognise the value of the medium, as was evident with the launch of Beats 1 by Apple, and as technology improves and becomes more accessible, so more people are able to get involved and share their content with a global audience”.

As for why the old school radio show remains popular in the on-demand streaming music age, Fuller adds: “While it is exciting to have so much music at our fingertips these days, it can also be overwhelming. The more that is available, the more we see the need for a curator, a trusted pair of hands who can do the digging for us. We love to be able to choose what we listen to, but sometimes we can reach a dead end with our own tastes, especially if our working lives mean that we don’t have the time to dedicate to hunting down new genres and artists. The radio presenter can be that person who inspires us to begin a new journey of discovery”.

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