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MMF launches new board rotation system and custodians committee at AGM

By | Published on Thursday 6 July 2017


The Music Managers Forum held its Annual General Meeting yesterday and launched a new governance system in the process. Moving forward, around five new board members will be elected each year to serve a three year term on the committee that oversees the trade group for artist managers in the UK.

The first five new board members elected under this new system are Claire Southwick from Primitive Management, Ellie Giles from Various Artists, Paul Crockford from Paul Crockford Management, Steven Braines from The Weird & Wonderful and Tom Burris from ie:music.

The new set up is in part designed to enable a more diverse board to better represent the organisation’s membership, which has grown considerably in recent years.

MMF CEO Annabella Coldrick commented: “The constant challenge for all trade bodies is to balance continuity with relevancy – to ensure you can deliver the services and lobbying demanded by your existing membership, while providing the pathways and encouragement for a new generation to get involved”.

The new board rotation system will help meet this challenge, she reckoned. Coldrick: “It is a constant cycle, but having added 100 managers to our fold in the past year I believe the MMF is now starting to reach that sweet spot where members can get involved at a level that works for them, and regardless of background or genre they represent”.

The AGM also approved a new group called the MMF Custodians, which will consist of industry veterans who will be available to advise the organisation. Those board members who stood down under the new rotation system are among the first members of this new committee, which includes Carol Crabtree (Solar Management), Gary McClarnan (Sparklestreet), Ian McAndrew (Wildlife Entertainment), Scott Rodger (Quest Management) and Tim Clarke (ie:music).

Elsewhere, Diane Wagg of Deluxxe Management was re-elected as Chair of the MMF, while Paul Craig from Nostromo Management was elected to the new role of Vice Chair. Meanwhile Stephen Budd stood down as co-Chair, but will remain on the board.