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M&M’s “celebrate life” with Spotify playlists

By | Published on Friday 19 March 2021

M&M's Messages

Good news, everyone. Well, everyone in the USA. M&M’s Messages are back! Woooo! And now they’ve got Spotify playlists to go with them. Everyone (in the USA) should be excited!

Now, what are M&M’s Messages? Well, silly, they’re “share size” packs of M&M’s with messages written on the packaging. So, instead of just talking to someone, you can let the M&M’s do it for you. Want to say, “Have a great day pretending to work”? M&M’s can do that for you. Want to offer emotional support? You can do that with a pack of M&M’s. Want to not offer emotional support? There’s one for that too. Want to just shout, “SLAY GIRL”? Well, I think you get the idea.

Last time M&M’s made these limited edition wrappers available, it was all well and good, but there was something missing. What do people really want when someone hands them some sweets with an unhelpful message written on the packet? That’s right, they want to be able to scan a code with their phone and open a Spotify playlist with tracks somehow apparently related to that message. Well, rejoice everyone (in the specific geographic area covered by this promotion)! Your dream is now a reality.

“Music and M&M’s have an incredible power to help us connect to one another and celebrate life”, says Senior Brand Director at M&M’s maker Mars Wrigley, Allison Miazga-Bedrick, in a statement so daft it almost makes sense. “Incorporating music into M&M’s Messages packs are a new way for us to help fans share their true selves and connect with others, which helps us live our purpose of better moments and more smiles”.

I’ve seen some over the top statements from marketing people in my time, but that was really something. The question now is, can Spotify’s Head Of North America Advertising Sales, Brian Berner, carry off the baton handed over by Allison Miazga-Bedrick?

“There’s something special about the evolution of M&M’s packaging and we were immediately drawn to the opportunity to partner with the M&M’s team to make the joy of music front and centre this go round”, he says. “These curated Spotify playlists give people an opportunity to connect at a time when we’re all hungrier than ever for new ways to interact”.

Well, I’m not sure it tops Miazga-Bedrick’s bullshit, but it’s a good effort. Absolute nonsense. Well done, Brian. Now, let’s all imagine a world where you’d listen to a playlist curated by a confectionary brand. Hahahahahahaha.