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Moby claims to have insider information on Donald Trump

By | Published on Tuesday 14 February 2017


Moby has claimed on Facebook that he has insider information about the Trump administration and its collusion with the Russians. Because where else would you reveal such a thing?

He writes that “after spending the weekend talking to friends who work in DC”, he has learned a number of things. First, that the unverified dossier published by Buzzfeed last month, which made various claims about Trump’s connections to Russia, is “100% real”.

“He’s being blackmailed by the Russian government”, writes Moby. “Not just for being peed on by Russian hookers, but for much more nefarious things. The Trump administration is in collusion with the Russian government, and has been since day one”.

As well as this, he notes that a war often shores up public opinion, so Trump is looking to start one “probably with Iran”. Though that’s current Russian ally Iran, which is slightly confusing. Nevertheless, in order to instigate this war, US warships are being posted off the Iranian coast, Moby alleges, in the hope that one of them will be attacked providing a reason to retaliate.

While all this is going in, Moby adds that Republicans and “intelligence agencies around the world” are seeking ways to unseat Trump and his team. Intelligence teams are “working to present information that will lead to high level firings and, ultimately, impeachment”.

As you may have guessed, this post wasn’t met with a 100% positive reception, so he returned later to respond to critics, saying: “Hey, I’m just a clown. I mean, maybe there isn’t a Trump administration plan to go to war with Iran. And maybe Trump’s inner circle isn’t filled with Russian operatives. And maybe Russia doesn’t have utterly damning info on Trump that’s keeping him under their thumb. And maybe the Koch bros and their pals aren’t looking at options to get Trump out of the White House”.

“Just don’t look too closely at [Mike] Flynn and [Paul] Manafort and the USS Cole and the Russians who’ve disappeared or died recently and what’s currently happening in the Ukraine”, he went on. “Again, I’m just a bald clown who probably knows nothing. I’m going to go make some balloon animals now”.

Anyway, here’s the video for Moby & The Void Pacific Choir’s latest single, ‘Erupt & Matter’. Enjoy the war.