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Moby definitely invented the iPhone

By | Published on Tuesday 27 February 2018


When he’s not being given sensitive information over dinner by members of the CIA, it turns out that Moby is pretty chummy with people in the tech world too. He talks, they listen, he invents the iPhone.

“I’m hesitant to talk about this because it sounds either like nonsense or self-aggrandising”, he tells the Observer. Oh, do go on.

According to the article, he explains that after Apple launched its iTunes software in 2001, he told Apple marketing exec Jimmy Dickson that the company should build its own proprietary MP3 player.

“A year or two later they brought me to a hotel room at the Crosby in New York, handed me the first iPod and said: ‘Steve wanted you to have this'”, claims Moby. So that’s a fun story. Although the iPod came out about nine months after iTunes and there is absolutely no way that the two weren’t being developed at the same time as each other.

Anyway, how did Moby react to being handed the first iPod? “I said: ‘You do know at some point this is going to have a camera and a phone attached to it?’ And they laughed at me and said that could never happen”.

Hahaha. How they laughed. It must have been a laugh a minute at Apple back in those days, given that Steve Jobs had been talking about wirelessly connected handheld devices since the early 80s. The company’s first fleeting attempts at handheld computers date back to the early 90s, and the development of the iPad pre-dates the iPhone by some years. But sure, Moby invented the iPhone.

Anyway, Moby has a new album coming out this week. He’s just released the video for new single, ‘This Wild Darkness’. Has Moby ever told you how he invented video? And music. No, he’d probably be hesitant for fear of sounding self-aggrandising.