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Moddi announces new album, releases single for Norwegian pensioner accused of spying by Russia

By | Published on Monday 1 April 2019


Moddi has announced that he will release his fifth album, ‘Like In 1968’, in September. Out now, new single ‘Kriegspiel’ is written in support of Frode Berg, a Norwegian pensioner who has been held in Russia on espionage charges since January last year.

The more political leaning to his new music, Moddi says, is influenced by his last album ‘Unsongs’, on which he covered records that had been banned for a variety of reasons.

“Through the work on ‘Unsongs’, I learned that when someone wants you to shut up about something, it is usually something important that they’re trying to hide”, Moddi says. “Therefore, I wrote this song not only to Frode Berg, but to all who become victims of the politics shadowplay”.

The song has been released to coincide with the start of Berg’s long-awaited trial, which is set to get underway this week.

‘Like In 1968’ is set for release on 13 Sep. Listen to ‘Kriegspiel’ here: