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More Bieber arrest footage to be made public

By | Published on Wednesday 5 March 2014


For reasons I don’t really understand (except “crazy America”), a judge in Florida has given the all clear for photos and CCTV footage of a half-naked Justin Bieber, captured after the pop brat’s arrest over alleged DUI in January, to be made public. But don’t worry, his dick will be redacted first.

News media in Florida have used the state’s liberal ‘open records law’ to force all the police footage captured after Bieber’s arrest into the public domain, after a few edits to protect the pop star’s privacy. Footage of Bieber walking unsteadily during a sobriety test has already been made public, while photos of the singer’s various mainly rubbish tattoos have also now been published.

Two of the videos still to be released show Bieber urinating in a holding cell, and it is those that will be edited to ensure his genitalia can’t be seen. The media organisations calling for the footage to be made public insisted they would never show such footage unedited anyway, but Bieber’s legal people understandably pushed for the police unit to make those edits before sharing the videos with anyone.

As previously reported, Bieber has denied charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired licence after being arrested amidst an alleged drag racing incident on 23 Jan. A trial date for the charges is still to be set. Meanwhile the Biebster has caused a little more controversy after allegedly sipping from a cup of prescription-cough-syrup-plus-fizz sizzurp in a nightclub during his birthday celebrations this weekend.