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More festival queue chatter on the social networks this weekend

By | Published on Monday 14 August 2017


While nothing occurred quite on the level of the Hope & Glory festival this weekend, at least two major music events were subject to negative chatter online due to significant queues to get on site, possibly because of increased security measures at the gates.

As the Boomtown Fair got under near Winchester last week, there was plenty of talk online about the queuing situation on Thursday. Some had to wait hours to enter the fest, seemingly the result of the gates opening late, some issues with ticket scanning kit and the increased security. A fake Twitter account putting out unapologetic responses to disgruntled punters didn’t help calm the crowds.

Organisers subsequently¬†told the BBC¬†that weeks of rain had had a “knock-on effect” on the event’s site, resulting in the late opening. They added that they did “everything we could” to try and help those caught up in the queues, where ironically it was the hot weather causing problems for those waiting in line for several hours to get on site.

Meanwhile, over the weekend itself, it was London’s Sunfall Festival where the big talking point on the social networks were the queues, with some saying panic ensued at times over fears the crowd waiting to gain access to the event could get out of control.

On a seemingly genuine Twitter account, organisers stated: “For everyone’s health and safety, heightened security/search measures have been put in place. This is causing some delay on entrance. We are putting additional resources in place to try and speed up the entry process, we appreciate your patience on this matter”.