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More Jackson: Mum’s pay day, legal settlements, Jackson TV

By | Published on Friday 18 September 2009

Katherine Jackson will receive over a million dollars a year to cover the costs of caring for her late son’s three children. Court papers have revealed that Judge Mitchell Beckloff approved the payments last month, but details of the monies have only just been revealed.

About $60k a month will be spent directly on children Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket, a big portion of which will go on staff to care for them, though just under $160k a year will be set aside for “entertainment expenses”. Mrs Jackson will then receive just under $27k a month directly to cover her expenses, including an assistant, housekeeper and driver. So that’s nice.

The judge overseeing the winding up of Jacko’s affairs also considered a business deal and legal claim involving the late singer’s estate.

The first was a deal between the Jackson estate and Sony Music regarding the soundtrack to the previously reported Jacko documentary ‘This Is It’. As previously reported, the executors of Jackson’s estate have been keen to enter into new business deals even though the late singer’s affairs have not been fully settled, presumably to cash in on the former king of pop’s legacy while he’s still big news.

The second matter related to a lawsuit brought by blues man Syl Johnson. He sued twelve artists accusing them of sampling one of his recordings without his permission – one of the twelve defendants named was Jackson. An out of court settlement was reached for a total of $150,000, of which Jacko was committed to pay $12,500. Beckloff gave his OK for that litigation to be settled by the Jackson estate.

Elsewhere in Jackson family news, Tito Jackson has been talking about the reality show that will follow him and three of his brothers. As previously reported, Tito, Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon Jackson were signed up to appear in a one off fly-on-the-wall documentary by US TV station A&E, but the network then proposed turning it into a full on reality series and all four brothers seem to planning to appear in it.

Tito told reporters: “It basically shows the insides of the Jackson brothers. What they are about, what they are about musically, their recording and their personal life as well as their public life, as you guys know it. We’re getting ready to continue our shooting as little as next week so we’re going to pick it up in New York and go from there”.

The original documentary, which will now act as a pilot for the series, has already been filmed. It’s not clear which other Jacksons appear in the filming. It was filmed prior to Michael’s death, but it’s not clear if he will be seen in the programme.