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More Sugababes fall out

By | Published on Monday 28 September 2009

I said there’d be more of this, didn’t I? And there is, because Sugababe Amelle Berrabah has finally come out and given her version of events following the group’s line up rejig last week. And she’s confirmed that a breakdown in her relationship with Keisha Buchanan, which left her feeling depressed, was one of the key reasons behind the rejig.

She told The Mirror last week: “I was depressed. You shouldn’t have to go to work treading on eggshells. Before going to LA, I disappeared for three days and I got to the point where I just couldn’t take any more. I needed to be on my own. Even my own family couldn’t get hold of me. I hit that wall. Keisha didn’t leave off her own back – me and Heidi couldn’t carry on. Heidi completely supported me and knew what was going on within the band. But we all couldn’t work together anymore. We weren’t happy, me and Heidi, and it was a struggle to come into work. We didn’t enjoy it”.

However, she added that it was actually the group’s management who suggested that Keisha be replaced, explaining: “We didn’t think [our management would] want to carry on when we said we’d had enough. We met Jade for the first time on Sunday and we all got on well, it seemed natural. It’s totally different – we have started enjoying ourselves again and I do feel a bit relieved”.

So, everything might be hunky dory now, but that hasn’t stopped bookmakers Paddy Power naming Berrabah as most likely to quit or be sacked from the group next, with odds of 5/4. Newbie Jade Ewen is seen as the second most likely to go, at 11/8, while Heidi Range will apparently stick it out to the bitter end, with her odds standing at 3/1. We’re still waiting to hear back what odds we’d get on Vera Lynn joining the group next.