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More Great Escape reports incoming with the new CMU Library

By | Published on Friday 22 June 2018

The Great Escape 2018

With the new CMU Library having opened for browsing earlier this week, another series of reports on discussions that took place at this year’s Great Escape will be appearing in the CMU Daily in the coming weeks. Which makes this weekend a good time to catch up on our reports so far!

The new online CMU Library, launched on Monday, brings together all the articles published across the CMU sites that provide background information on how the music industry works and summaries of current trends and best practice in the business of music. That includes blog posts from CMU Insights and CMU:DIY, slides and PDF guides that can be downloaded, the archive of CMU Trends articles available to premium subscribers, and reports from CMU conference sessions.

This includes the CMU Insights conferences at TGE this year. We’ve already run some reports from The Education Conference. That included CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke’s overview of what we even mean by music education, plus summaries of conversations about more formal music education, so what is taught in the classroom at schools and the role of the music hubs in England.

Still to come are conversations on innovations in and outside the classroom, plus on higher education and industry-led initiatives, and then on the many different career routes available in music. Plus, is there a crisis in music education and how can music educators and the music industry be more closely aligned?

Look out for reports on all of those conversations in upcoming editions of the CMU Daily. They will also appear in the education section of the CMU Library, and will be aggregated into a mini PDF report once they have all been publishing. After that, reports on The AI Conference and The China Conference will follow, further adding extra insights and resources to the CMU Library.