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Morgan disses the culture of celebrity

By | Published on Monday 14 June 2010

Piers Morgan has hit out at, erm, people who become hugely famous despite having no obvious talent at, well, anything really. Well, he should know all about that.

The former fired-Mirror-Editor turned shit-telly-peddler was speaking at a charity event last week. According to the Sunday Express, he defended the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ franchise by saying it encouraged TV star wannabes to develop some kind of talent, rather than just becoming a famous-for-nothing celebrity via a ‘Big Brother’ type reality show. I suppose he does have a point.

Morgan: “The culture of celebrity has become a problem. You don’t mind someone being famous if it’s based on real talent – that’s why I like talent shows that encourage people to chase their dream. But what I don’t like is talentless wastrels who appear on telly just for the sake of it. I find ‘Big Brother’ incredibly vacuous and it chips away at the mystique and magic of celebrities. The glamour of Marilyn Monroe was something to look up to and be excited by”.

Morgan, as the latest in a long line of tedious British telly types to somehow score a big fanbase in the States, is reportedly set to take over from Larry King on CNN’s prime time talk show.