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Morrissey claims he was questioned by the US Secret Service over Donald Trump comments

By | Published on Tuesday 19 December 2017


Morrissey has claimed that he was “cross-examined” by the US Secret Service as a result of his recent interview with Der Spiegel.

As previously reported, one of the things the former Smiths frontman said in the interview (although he denies it) was that if a hypothetic button existed that would kill Donald Trump, he would press it “for the good of humanity”.

Somehow, this raised alarm bells within the security force tasked with protecting the president, and Morrissey was called in for a chat. It was all fine though, he says. They were “very very nice” and “assured me that they had no cause for concern”. Although now he may never been allowed back into the US. Possibly.

“It was a direct result of Der Spiegel that I was cross-examined, which is very very sad”, says Morrissey, in something akin to an alternative Queen’s Speech posted on YouTube. “So, congratulations Der Spiegel, you achieved everything that you set out to do. Whether I’m again allowed free access to America, I really don’t know. I have to wait and see if I can enter the country again”.

If that was what Der Spiegel set out to do, then it was indeed very successful. I’ve never had such ambitious aims when I’ve interviewed pop stars. I feel silly now just going into interviews to ask people what they think about stuff.

Of course, what Morrissey thinks about stuff is often problematic. Although me even thinking that makes me one of the “haters” he refers to several times in the speech. And therefore I am part of the machine that has ensured his new album hasn’t done as well as he hoped.

“I feel that the campaign for ‘Low In High School’, and for the surrounding singles, was derailed and damaged purposefully by the haters”, he says. “They’re not listening to the music. They’re not listening to anything really. They see my name and they want to get rid of it as quickly as possible”.

Sneaky hater plans or not, it’s true that Morrissey’s new music has possibly been overshadowed by all the reporting on the things he’s said of late. Can he be blamed for that? What, with all his talking. Whatever, let’s all go and listen to ‘Low In High School’ right now. Though not before we’ve all endured another eight minutes of Morrissey talking: