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Morrissey denies one-time bodyguard’s ‘SoLow’ fansite claims

By | Published on Friday 1 August 2014


Morrissey has denied recent claims made against him by his one-time bodyguard, Bradley Steyn. As per a TMZ story circulating this week, Steyn has alleged that Moz asked him to find and potentially “hurt” one David Tseng, the creator/webmaster of the fansite, and that, when he (Steyn) declined to do this, he was fired from Moz’s security team.

Anyway, Morrissey has since stated that this didn’t happen, deeming Steyn’s claim a “vexatious lie” that is now “in the hands of the LAPD”, and that Steyn may face criminal and civil legal action over his allegations.

“The very idea that I would ask a complete stranger (Bradley Steyn) to physically attack David Tseng surely cannot register with any sane person as being likely”, writes Moz via rival fansite True To You, adding that: “As mildly irritating as David Tseng may be, he is not someone who troubles me enough to even bother with”.

Morrissey’s dislike of Tseng and his website – which he calls ‘SoLow’ throughout the True To You post – isn’t exactly the greatest-kept secret ever, by the way. Here he is wearing his heart practically on his sleeve, on a ‘Fuck’ T-shirt. And, you may remember, shortly after that attire was premiered at a show in Bradford back in 2011, Tseng claimed to have been ejected from a Moz show in Denmark.

Continuing his statement, and perhaps not quite fairly representing the free-for-all nature of as a public forum and comments board, or indeed a ‘fan’ site, Morrissey adds: “I am aware that all of the opinions posted on the site are controlled or written by David Tseng, and that David Tseng will give maximum and inexhaustive publicity to anything said in the negative about me. This is a general truth that most people accept about SoLow. It is nothing new, and I have long since learned to accept it”.