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Morrissey didn’t receive a warm enough welcome at Sydney Airport

By | Published on Thursday 4 August 2016


Morrissey continues to make no friends with airport security staff the world over. Having accused a member of staff at San Francisco International Airport of sexually assaulting him last year, he has now said someone at Sydney Airport’s passport control desk insulted him and tried to “cause a scene”. You know, like they do.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Morrissey said: “When I arrived in Sydney last year the officer at passport control did her best to insult me and to cause a scene when there was no need. I refused to ​take the bait​ because she was so rude, and so she threw my passport at me and looked away in disgust! I thought, ‘Wow, welcome to Australia!’ They use the ISIS issue as an excuse to denigrate everyone, and they absolutely love it”. ​

As previously reported, the US Transportation Security Administration launched an investigation after the musician claimed to have been assaulted during a security check in July last year. It determined that “the supervised officer followed standard operating procedures”, which resulted in Morrissey accusing the TSA of being worse than ISIS.