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Morrissey is still signed to Warner/Chappell

By | Published on Wednesday 4 June 2014


Would you like to own Morrissey’s publishing catalogue, Smiths songs and all? Well, according to his usually reliable fansite True To You, you can. Something which is apparently news to Warner/Chappell – his publisher.

A post on True To You reads: “Morrissey’s 30 year publishing term with Warner/Chappell Music has come to an end. If any publishing company has any interest in making a new offer for Morrissey’s solo and Smiths catalogues, they should please contact”.

Now, with a new album imminent, you might think that this was an odd time to ditch your publisher. Because it would be. But don’t waste your time pondering that, because a spokesperson for the Warner publishing firm confirmed to CMU yesterday that “Warner/Chappell continues to be the long-term publisher of Morrissey’s interest in all Smiths songs as well as Morrissey’s solo works up to and including the forthcoming album”.

So, that means that Warner/Chappell will still be able to collect the publishing royalties on these lyric videos Morrissey has been putting out. Even though he has apparently completely misunderstood how lyric videos work.

The singer has put out a series of videos for songs on his new album, ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’, which is due out… oh, at some point soon. Anyway, these videos feature Morrissey reciting lyrics to some of his new songs without music. The latest one sees him hanging out on top of the Capitol building with Pamela Anderson.

See for yourself if you don’t believe me: