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Morrissey loves baked beans

By | Published on Friday 8 June 2018


Morrissey famously doesn’t eat meat. He wrote a song about it and everything. “Oh, I don’t eat meat”, it goes. Something like that, anyway. But it turns out he doesn’t really eat anything much at all.

“I don’t eat animals, birds or fish”, he says inĀ a new interview published this week. “I don’t consider myself to be vegan, vegetarian or carnivorous. I’m just me. I refuse to eat anything that had a mother, that’s obvious. I’ve always found food to be very difficult because I only eat bread, potatoes, pasta and nuts… all stodge. I can’t eat anything that has any flavour. I’ve never had a curry, or coffee, or garlic”.

He goes on: “I’m absolutely hopeless when I’m handed a menu in a restaurant. I go directly to the kiddie’s meals. If I find baked beans then the night is a huge success. If you ever bring me out to dinner it’s important that you also bring a toaster”.

So, a fun Morrissey interview, like they used to have in the olden days. Oh, except in the same interview he also says some objectionable shit you’ve probably already read about. But who has the energy for Morrissey’s political views anymore? Not on an empty stomach, anyway. And I’ve not had my daily beans on toast as yet.