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Moyles says RAJARs are unfair to him

By | Published on Monday 17 May 2010

Chris Moyles has blamed the fact that his Radio 1 show is so far behind the Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show in terms of listeners on the way the RAJAR radio ratings are calculated.

As previously reported, when Evans took over from Terry Wogan on Radio 2’s main show earlier this year Moyles said this was his chance to move ahead in the breakfast show ratings awards. But then, in last week’s RAJAR report, it turned out Evans has, in fact, increased the Radio 2 breakfast audience by over a million, meaning that while Moyles’ own audience is up, the difference between the Radios 1 and 2 breakfast show audiences has grown. So Evans has 9.5 million listeners, compared to Moyles 7.9 million.

But, the only slightly bitter Moyles man argues, that is only because RAJARs do not account for listeners under the age of fifteen. He told the Mirror: “There aren’t many thirteen and fourteen year olds listening to Radio 2, so their figure’s fairly accurate. We’re on 7.88m, but if you add on the fourteen, thirteen and twelve year olds, do you know what that figure is? It’s nine million, over a million more. That is cos we’re wicked and bad”.

A Radio 1 spokesman has confirmed that by their reckoning if you counted the under fifteens Moyles’ breakfast show has 9.1 million listeners. Though by my reckoning, based on the fact the RAJARs are pretty much made up stats, and my own made up stats aren’t that much less reliable, Moyles only has 3.9 million listeners, while Evans has 4.6 million listeners, and most people are actually listening to Rob Cowan on Radio 3.