MP3tunes man launches cloud-based radio record service

By | Published on Friday 25 February 2011

Michael Robertson, the original founder and MP3tunes chief, has launched a new digital service called which enables you to record web radio shows to a central server, and then listen back to said shows at a convenient time via the web or a net-connected portable device.

Of course, Robertson has been spearheading the music-focused digital-locker type service with MP3tunes, which enables users to upload their MP3 collections to a central server and then stream them back via any net connected device. Though that service has hit on copyright issues, in that EMI has taken the digital entrepreneur to court arguing that to allow users to make remote copies of and then stream their MP3 collections needs a license from the content owners. Robertson argues no such license is needed.

He is similarly certain can operate without needing licenses from either the broadcasters or the music companies whose content is recorded. And he’s probably on more certain ground this time, given is basically the digital equivalent of taping terrestrial radio shows (or TV) and listening (or watching) back at a later date, which copyright laws allow.

The new service – which Robertson unveiled at a conference in San Francisco this week – is currently in what he calls an ‘alpha’ stage, and the platform can currently be used for free.