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MPG founder Bob Hine dies

By | Published on Tuesday 29 July 2014

Bob Hine

Music Producers Guild founder Bob Hine has died, the trade body announced yesterday. He had been receiving treatment for cancer.

Co-founder Robin Millar said in a statement; “I am very sad to hear the news that the inimitable, unstoppable and unforgettable force of nature that was Bob is no longer with us. His absolute passion for standards and quality in the music he loved drove his mission to make record production into a recognised and definable profession”.

He continued: “Without Bob’s tireless persuasion and energy there would be no Music Producers Guild. There would be no studio producer courses at universities. There would be no standards in recording quality, mixing quality, mastering quality, music carrier quality. He is simply one of the most important figures in professional music recording of the last 50 years. A charming, funny, witty, persuasive man with no ego and the only person I actually enjoyed being bullied by! Fondly remembered and sadly missed”.

Hine’s funeral is due to take place next week, on 5 Aug.