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Murray drops 30 pounds because of jail food and water supply

By | Published on Wednesday 21 March 2012

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray has lost 30 pounds (that’s just over two stone in British) in jail, partly because the water there is making him ill, and partly because his diet consists almost exclusively of canned fish.

Dr Murray, of course, was found guilty of causing Michael Jackson’s death through negligence last year, and is currently serving a four year jail term. According to TMZ, Murray has claimed the water in the jail where he is incarcerated smells and tastes bad, and has given him a bad case of dysentery.

Meanwhile he says the jail food is inedible, so he survives by eating canned fish bought from the inmate’s shop, mainly tuna, mackerel and salmon flakes, a diet only he and cats must tolerate, he has apparently told friends who have visited him inside.

But a spokesman for the LA County Sheriff told TMZ that Murray was being kept in acceptable conditions, telling the gossip site: “All inmates receive the proper nutrition and medical care that is required by law, and the Sheriff’s Department goes above and beyond what is required”.

Murray, of course, is desperately trying to appeal both his conviction and sentence, but was denied a request to serve his time under house arrest while he goes through the appeal process.

In related news, the LA Deputy District Attorney who led the case against Murray in connection to Jackson’s untimely demise, David Walgren, has apparently applied to become a judge.

Walgren is generally thought to have presented a very good case for the prosecution in Murray’s trial, though that wasn’t the first celebrity action he was involved in. He previously worked on LA’s 2009 efforts to stop Roman Polanski from having his 1970s unlawful sex with a minor case dismissed, and on the case against the photographer who blackmailed Cameron Diaz with topless photos taken before she was famous.