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Murray keeps medical licence for now

By | Published on Tuesday 6 April 2010

Dr Conrad Murray was in court yesterday to face those involuntary manslaughter charges in relation to his involvement in the death of Michael Jackson. As much previously reported, it’s alleged Murray was negligent in administering the dangerous drug propofol to the late singer as a cure for insomnia.

Yesterday’s prelim hearing, which saw Murray formally face the Jackson family for the first time, covered routine matters. First, the judge hearing the case – Judge Michael Pastor – declared some interests (he has links to the District Attorney leading the prosecution), but stated he believed he would not be biased.

Then second, the court considered an application by the prosecution to have Murray’s medical licence revoked pending the full trial. The doc’s lawyers argued doing so would prevent their client from working, and leave him in a dire financial situation as a result (and struggling to pay his legal bills, presumably). Pastor decided to put off any decision re the licence until the next hearing in June, but said a bail condition that Murray not administer any anaesthetics would stay in place.

Jacko’s estranged parents, and siblings Jermaine, Randy and Janet, were present but did not speak. Outside Jackson fans were more vocal in their criticism of the doctor. Although Janet Jackson did not speak at the court hearing, in an interview last week, while conceding her late brother had a drug dependency problem, she confirmed that she held Murray responsible for his death.

Ahead of the hearing, TMZ.com reported that Murray’s team would argue that Jackson himself had actually administered that final deadly dose of propofol, rather than the doctor. However, Team Murray said yesterday it is too soon to comment on what arguments they will present when the case comes properly to court later this year.

The next court hearing is scheduled for 14 Jun. Murray, of course, is pleading not guilty to all charges.