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Murray lawyers re-present self-administration theory for restitution hearing

By | Published on Thursday 12 January 2012

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray’s lawyers are still sticking to their theory that Michael Jackson caused his own death by self-administering the fatal shot of propofol that killed him back in 2009.

As much previously reported, Murray was found guilty last year of causing Jackson’s death by providing negligent treatment as the singer’s personal doctor, in particular by administering the anaesthetic propofol as a cure for insomnia. Murray’s defence claims that Jackson must have self-administered the fatal shot of the drug. Witnesses for the prosecution said that was very unlikely, but anyway, even if the singer had managed to inject the propofol that killed him, Murray would still have been negligent for allowing the drug to be accessible to a patient.

Murray has said he can’t afford to rehire his defence team for a planned appeal, but they are still working on the issue of restitution relating to the guilty verdict, ie what Murray should pay Jackson’s children for their loss caused by his negligence. The prosecution are pushing for $100 million, based on what the singer would have earned from the ‘This Is It’ residency he was booked to play when he died. The defence are proposing something much more modest, not least because Murray could never afford to pay $100 million.

Given the guilty verdict, Murray’s defence team can’t dispute their client’s liability for Jackson’s death, but they are reportedly hoping that the evidence to support their theory the singer might have personally contributed to his own death might convince the judge to award the late king of pop’s family less money. Though given that, at one point during Murray’s actual trial, judge Michael Pastor seemed to be actually angered by Murray’s suggestion Jackson was to blame for his own demise, I’m not sure it will.