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Murray to change story over Jacko death

By | Published on Friday 19 February 2010

Dr Conrad Murray, the medic accused of killing Michael Jackson by negligently administering the dangerous drug propofol, is expected to change his story with regards what happened in the crucial ninety minutes between the drug being given to the late king of pop and emergency services being called.

Murray previously told police that he administered the drug at 10.50am on 25 Jun. He said that he left the room where Jackson was sleeping to go to the toilet, and that when he returned a few minutes later he found the pop star unconscious, and so attempted CPR to resuscitate him. Said efforts were unsuccessful. Of course, that doesn’t explain why emergency services weren’t called until 12.20pm, nor why Murray is known to called another patient to discuss the results of a recent heart scan shortly before midday.

It is thought that Murray will now admit that he simply forgot to check on Jackson immediately after administering the drug, and didn’t discover he was unconscious until shortly before the emergency services were called.

On the upside that means that Murray didn’t make a routine phone call to another patient instead of calling an ambulance once he realised he had a dead pop megastar on his hands, which would have been a decidedly odd thing to do. On the downside, it presumably means there is a stronger case for negligence against the doc, because even if he wasn’t negligent in administering the drug, he was in forgetting to check on his patient shortly after doing so. It may be argued that had he tried CPR on the pop star before 11am as he originally claimed he had, Jackson could have been saved.

Confirming the doc would be changing his statement regarding the events that occurred during that key 90 minute window, but without giving any actual details of what the new statement would say, Murray’s lawyer Michael Flanagan said yesterday: “Dr Murray’s timeline of events that day when Michael Jackson died is wrong. Doctors make mistakes, and that is what he did, and it was simply just that, a mistake”.

As previously reported, Murray has pleaded not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter with regards the death of Michael Jackson.