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Muse track premium only on Spotify, but no shift in “content approach”

By | Published on Friday 12 June 2015


OK, so Spotify may have made one track on the new Muse album available to premium users only. But hey you, don’t be thinking that this is some clever new form of mild-windowing designed to make premium more attractive than freemium. Possibly in a bid to placate those in the music industry getting all nervous about the market-leading streaming service’s free option.

Now, I know that by me just saying that, you all think it might be, don’t you? But stop it. Because that’s not the reason at all. It’s so not the reason, I think I need to write IT’S NOT THE REASON in capital letters. Believe me now? Good. The premium-only Muse track on Spotify is all just the result of some Sony PlayStation brand partnership record flogging marketing campaign dib dab nonsense that we really don’t need to know about.

Look, Spotify told Music Ally: “This is just a unique offer within a bespoke joint marketing campaign with Sony PlayStation, rather than a shift in our content approach”. So there you go. And now we know that “content” and “approach” are two words that can be put together if you so wish.

Of course, with many people in the music industry reckoning that – while Spotify freemium is doing a good job of selling Spotify premium – ultimately there needs to be more to distinguish the free service from the paid-for option, things like this could be part of that. But down the line, OK? Once Spotify is ready to shift its content approach. And not a moment sooner.

Meanwhile, here’s Eddy TM in the CMU archives calling Muse’s Matt Bellamy a cunt. Good times.