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Music data start-up Soundcharts confirms $3.1 million in new finance

By | Published on Wednesday 13 September 2017


Paris-based music data start-up Soundcharts – which aggregates social, chart, playlist and radio data for labels, publishers, managers and live industry clients – has completed a $3.1 million funding round. The new financing has been led by Alven Capital, with Kima Ventures and Global Founders Capital also putting some cash on the table.

Says the firm’s founder, former Universal Music exec David Weiszfeld: “Soundcharts processes, analyses and archives a mass of information in real-time and gives meaning to this data thanks to an intuitive personalised dashboard and automated reports. What is magical about Soundcharts is that we help artists, managers, product managers, digital marketers, sales team, radio programmers, playlists curators and brands, as well as with the A&R discovery process”.

Continuing with his elevator pitch, Weiszfeld adds: “We provide a service to anyone serious about doing business with artists or, more generally, with music content. This puts Soundcharts at a central position within the ecosystem. We are THRILLED to see that many industry-leading companies chose us to power their daily workflow and we hope to keep building the platform for tomorrow’s usages and help our users execute their strategies more efficiently”.

Clearly sold by said pitch, Jeremy Uzan at financial backer Alven Capital chips in thus: “The global music business has been dramatically changed by digitalisation and the development of revolutionary new ways of producing and consuming music. As a new generation of professionals is entering this growing and changing industry, there will be space to develop a must-have SaaS [software as a service] platform offering real-time market intelligence”.

The money man goes on: “We have been really impressed by David’s vision and ambition, and by his ability to structure a highly talented tech team around him. Soundcharts is already experiencing a strong traction on the market, and we are convinced that soon every music professional will have to switch to this cutting-edge product to stay in the game”.