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Musical commutes make you work harder, reckons Deezer

By | Published on Thursday 22 November 2018


Did you listen to some music on your way into work today? If you did, you’re probably far too motivated and productive to be reading this nonsense.

Because musical commutes make for better workers. Says new research commissioned by Deezer. Which would presumably like you to soundtrack your commute with some tracks streamed through its app. These claims are based on a survey of a thousand UK workers about their commuting listening habits and what impact they reckon that has on what happens once they get to work.

Of those surveyed, 90% regularly listened to music on their commute, while 64% reckoned doing so meant they arrived at their work place more motivated and were therefore more productive. Yeah, maybe. Although not if you spend half your day organising and downloading a playlist to listen to on your way home.

Among the younger workers surveyed, 40% said that if – for some terrible unfortunate reason – they missed out on their musical commute, they would arrive at work feeling frustrated and irritable. Others also noted that a musical accompaniment meant they got less annoyed with their fellow commuters and, for those driving in, they got less stressed about traffic jams and traffic lights.

“It’s fascinating to see the power music has over our mood before we even get to the office”, says Deezer’s Adam Read.

Name-checking his service’s personalised playlist function Flow, he goes on: “Perhaps if more people listened to their ‘Flow’ on the commute, we’d see many more happy faces on the bus, train and tube! Moving forward, we hope everyone’s journey to and from work is less stressful and their day is more productive with the help of their favourite tunes”.

Of course, everyone knows that the best way to stay super relaxed on your commute, and to ensure that you are fully motivated and productive once at work, is to tune in to CMU’s Setlist podcast. That’ll do it. Hey, you can even listen to it on Deezer, if you want. 1