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Musicians’ Union supports referendum on final Brexit deal

By | Published on Thursday 13 September 2018

Musicians' Union

The Musicians’ Union is the latest organisation to formally come out in favour of a referendum on the final Brexit deal negotiated (or not) by the UK government.

The People’s Vote campaign is calling for a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. The argument is that this vote would be on the reality of Brexit, rather than the theory, giving British people the option to reconsider the decision they made on limited – and in many cases misleading or untrue – information two years ago.

“The MU has been anti-Brexit since the referendum was announced as we are deeply concerned about how our members’ livelihoods will be affected”, says the union’s General Secretary Horace Trubridge. “We have been working hard to address concerns such as the impact of freedom of movement ending and the likely introduction of a visa system”.

He continues: “We are supporting the People’s Vote campaign now, because we think our members and other workers should have their say on the final Brexit deal. Given this started with consulting the population when nobody really understood the likely fall out, it seems perfectly reasonable to expect people to get a say on the terms of it”.

There’s not actually time to organise a new vote ahead of the deadline for a Brexit deal to be done, which is at the end of March next year. Therefore, the People’s Vote campaign relies on not only the UK government changing its position, but also on all 27 other EU member states agreeing to an extension of that deadline.

Still, there’s not really time to negotiate the UK’s exit of the EU now either, so maybe everyone will eventually decide that some sort of extension is required whatever their preferred outcome of all this might be.

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